Werrason – 13 ans Lyrics in English, Paroles en Anglais

Werrason - 13 ans Lyrics in English, Paroles en Anglais
Werrason – 13 ans (Lyrics in English) Wenge Musica Maison Mere


1) We began since childhood
We suffered in the beginning
I was 13 then

2) Me Nanette
It was crazy love on the way to school
I am crying because my heart is wounded

3) Take time to think about how we began
When I think about it, it makes me cry
When I think of it
I prefer to become a martyr of that love

4) Me Nanette
Waited for him to finish school and come to marry me
Every time he was going to school he was stopping by

5) I was paying for his bus fare
I was paying for his syllabus
I, Nanette, was paying his tuition fee

6) My parents kicked me out because of you
They set me into a marriage with
a rich man but I didn’t want
Being crazy in love, chased you everywhere

7) He used me then dumped me really
If I think about it it makes me cry
If I think of it
I prefer to become a martyr of that love

8) He passed on Sunday
Without leaving a word
I expected him to come back that evening
I didn’t know that he was spending time with
other people from the campus
Friends from USC and ISTI

9) When he finished university
He decided not to marry me
Because I am not on his level

10) If you knew that I was not on your level
You should’ve told me earlier so that I can step back
You’ve wasted my time pointlessly

11) All friends that we grew up with are married
Other younger girls are also married
Claudine Kinwa is upset
Betty Mulanga, doesn’t even want to talk to me

12) I thought that it was as usual, he will forget
He kept it in his heart
For a long time
I swear that I will not fall in love again

13) I swear that I will not fall in love again
Because I know that those who are desperate
to get married are still single
Love, I don’t want you to lose weight because of thought

14) A marriage is about love but it ends with problems
You have done all possible so that we can meet today
You came and we love each other, you made me the first wife

15) For me it was the beginning of life
You promised me the sky, I believed you
In fact, it was only the earth

16) We made vows, why have you done this today
You moved to Los Angeles
You left me in pain what should I do

17) I thought
That we will be together forever
Today you left me suffering
Where can I complain

18) I took care of you the way a person
Takes care of a ceramic plate when walking
On top of rocks
Tshiba Tshibasu lied to you

19) They want you to leave me
Are you going to be able to find a good person like me
Remember to never make a decision when you are mad
Never make a decision when you are mad

20) Nanette is locked in the prison of love
I lost
My feminine manners
I became broke

21) Think about me who suffered because of you
Family has rejected me
They don’t like me anymore
I have become stupid

22) Swahili??????

(Ferre Gola)
23) My heart has been overwhelmed with rain of deceptions
I huge rain to the point where my heart had eroded
Find a solution at an early stage
If not you will find people crying at my house

24) (Repeat 3)
Now that love is gone
I will begin to pray, Tabu Fatou
God himself will relieve me
Praises that I listen to is what help me

25) I can’t
Be angry with someone who God created
We will all perish, let us find the way
All these are souffrances, Any Dembo

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